StratisQ Holdings is dedicated to the highest standards of corporate governance and strive for the moral, ethical, sound and transparent business practices.



A balanced leadership.  Executive directors implement strategies and operational decisions. Our executive and non-executive board members provide an independent perspective and complement the skills and experience of executive leadership.  As a collective, we ensure that strategy, budgets, performance, resources, transformation, diversity, employment equity and standards of conduct are objectively assessed.


Fair and competitive remuneration.  At StratisQ Holdings, renumeration is a critical factor to attract, retain and motivate the entrepreneurial talent.


Risk management; identifying risks, taking action and turning these into opportunities.

Human Capital

At StratisQ Holdings we value our people as we value family. We aim to provide a safe and healthy workplace with equal opportunities which is conducive to learning and personal growth.


StratisQ Holdings manages transformation beyond the scorecard. It is a strategic imperative for growth, prosperity and continuity.


We aim to do business in an environmentally friendly manner that drives positive social and economic change.


By assuming responsibility for the activities of our subsidiaries with a willingness to take corrective actions, where necessary, we at StratisQ Holdings keep ourselves on a strategic path that is ethical and sustainable.


We keep our leadership and employees accountable for their actions and justify our decisions to our stakeholders.


At StratisQ Holdings fair consideration is given to the legitimate interests and expectations of all stakeholders.


We disclose information in a manner that enable stakeholders to make an informed analysis of our company’s performance and sustainability.