At the core of our ethos lies the principle of collaboration. We at StratisQ Holdings understand the importance of the principle of working as a collective with our actively participating investors, ensuring that we address the demands and needs of the fourth industrial revolution.

Current Investment Opportunities

StratisQ Global Research is currently focusing on the integration of organisational culture, behaviour and assessments on a single online platform. This integrative approach is not only a game-changer but also a glimpse of the future where the world of human capital can be assessed and scrutinised in an integrative and holistic manner.


The platform allows for custom survey design, 360-degree

assessment design, intervention management, research capability and custom report building. Moreover, the platform hosts reputable survey products such as PDS - People Driven Safety survey, EMi -Employee Motivation Inventory, E-Volition- a modular engagement survey, as well as the 360-Q assessment - a state of the art 360-degree leadership assessment.